Marine Film Productions



Casualty                      Risk Assessments, Safety Boats, filming platforms, Diving Teams, Safety Swimmers

The Bill                       Police Underwater Search Team.

Provision of Landrover, Inflatable, HSE Diving Team and Authentic Police AGA Diving Sets.


Famous Five               Safety Boat and Filming Platform.  Provision of two boats plus safety swimmer for positioning children’s boat in camera shot.


Duck Patrol                 Safety Boat, Safety Diver, H&S Representative

Manouvering all craft into action sequences


Underworld                 Risk Assessment, Water Samples, Safety Diver, Underwater Set Construction and dismantling


The Passion                Risk Assessment, Safety Boat, Filming Platform, Safety Swimmer


Celtic Leprechaun      Risk Assessment, Underwater Set Construction, Safety Boat, Safety Diver, Assistant to Stunt Woman for Water Sequence, Tutoring Actors for Fast Entry into Water with submerged Set Construction


 Marriage                    Provision of Safety Boat, Safety Swimmer


Inspector Morse        Provision of Safety Boat with Electric Engine,  Filming Platform with Electric Engine, Safety Diver and Safety Swimmer


Safety Diver assembled underwater breathing apparatus for the stuntwoman to complete her static drowning sequence.  Safety Swimmer was used to assist the Stuntwoman to and from her location.


Armstrong & Miller   Provision of Drowned Corpse (Equity registered)


Saving Private Ryan   Provision of Landing Craft Coxswain


Coca-Cola                   Provision of Military Inflatable for Filming Sequences (Submarine) – Italy/UK.  Trouble-shooting technical/torpedo at Pinewood Paddock Tank.


Kavanagh QC             Safety Boat with appearance, Safety Diver, Safety Swimmer,  Marine Safety Equipment


Randall & Hopkirk II Risk Assessment, Safety Swimmer, Marine Safety Equipment


Where the Heart Is    Consultation, Marine Safety Equipment, Filming Platform, Safety Swimmer, Safety Boat, Risk Assessment


Down to Earth             Risk Assessment, Safety Boat, Safety Swimmer


Waking the Dead        Consultation, Marine Safety Equipment, Safety Boat, Safety Swimmer, Support Artists


The Brief                    Consultation, Marine Safety Equipment, Safety Boat, Safety Diver, Support Artist


Truth about Love       Consultation, Risk Assessment, Marine Safety Equipment


North Somerset Council  Harbourmaster : Consultation, organisation and labour provision to control slipway

access during peak season

Lewis                          Granada TV, Consultation, Safety Boat, Safety Diver, Safety Swimmer, Support Artist